LT VCA was hosting the delegation of officials from Ukraine (UkraineInvest, Kyiv City State Administration and Ukrainian Railways) for Investment Pitch Training event. First part of the day presentations were given by specialists from Central Project Management Agency, Mrs. Jekaterina Šarmavičienė and Mrs. Neringa Pažusienė, training session was facilitated by prominent Commission of professionals – Mrs. Viktorija Vaitkevičienė (INVEGA), Mrs. Kristina Vaskelienė (VIPA), Mr. Arvydas Sutkus (LIC), Mr. Audrius Zabotka (External Expert on Financing) and Mr. Šarūnas Stepukonis (BaltCap).

Training was followed by a workshop, where six infrastructure projects were evaluated and got recommendations from the experienced public and private sector experts. Projects were presented in the areas of: public hospitals, road safety, public transportation, logistics and aviation.

Given the stage and maturity of the project preparation, best pitch was unanimously presented by Kyiv City State Administration.  Their representatives are invited to make a presentation on public hospitals project during the Pan-Baltic Infrastructure Forum in Riga, Latvia on October 11th.

The event was organised in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central Project Management Agency, Public Investment Development Agency (VIPA), Investment and Business Guarantees, Ltd (INVEGA) and Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC).